First Article Published in the Age of 18

Oliver Müller published his first article in a professional journal in the age of 18. The article deals with a by Müller programmed antivirus software for the operating systems MS-DOS, PC-DOS and DR-DOS. The corresponding program was written in Turbo C++ 3.0 and blocked viruses by a very simple principle.

First Publishing Contract for a Textbook in the Age of 21

His first publishing contract for a textbook he signed in the young age of 21. The textbook was an introduction into programming with Delphi. The following years Müller published two other textbooks about Delphi. These books catched the attention of Borland and INPRISE respectively. Müller began to work as contracting consultant for Borland/INPRISE.

Publications Opened Door to University

These books followed textbooks about assembly language programming, algorithms and data structures and parsers in C++. Especially the last one had it focus to a audience in the academic world. The quality of Müller's scientific publications and his success in software projects convinced professors in Switzerland and Germany. Oliver Müller had qualified extraordinary for studying computer science at university.

Development of Special Issues and Journals

Parallel to his software projects Oliver Müller has working as freelance IT journalist and editor. As an editor he developed many special issues of well-known professional journals and he developed in cooperation with Ulrich Rohde the German magazine Go!Linux (later entitled PC!Linux). He led the development of the Linux distribution, also named Go!Linux, of WEKA group, too.


Since his first article in the young age of 18 years he has published over 220 articles and 6 textbooks. His textbooks are publihsed in several editions and as reprints. Oliver Müller is still publishing articles in well-known professional journals as well as web-magazines in German and English language. His seventh textbooks about z/OS is in work and is planed to be published in 2012.