Résumé / Curriculum Vitae

Oliver Müller has been working in IT and publishing projects for nearly 20 years. To get in touch with new technologies, to take new tasks and responsabilities as well as learn to work in new problem domains were always interesting to him. This is emphazied by his broad working positions from an IT specialist, IT journalist and IT trainer to a business consultant.

Business Management

He worked - not typical for a computer scientist - in projects of business managment. Especially a study regarding "monetary and qualitative evaluation of a planned outsourcing of IT services" for a division of a German large-scale bank which he wrotes needs to be mentioned here. Engagement as managing director of German and British companies emphasize his openness to new working fields.


In his technological domain he shows this openness to new subjects, too. Originally a specialist for open systems he get in touch with the world of mainframe systems. A system's world which was declared to be dead. Oliver Müller is familiar with both system worlds today and he is a much requested specialist for heterogenous environments.

Project's Success

A limited view and know-how is an underestimated risk in implementation of projects. Problems in communication between software development and system administration or between system environments, e.g. between Unix and mainframe, can cause additonal efforts and problems. Oliver Müller identified this problem early and works in development as well as in system administration as well as with different system environments. He can be a "translater" between different wordings within teams.

An IT solution is always a whole product consisting of different interacting systems and components. It is necessary to establish an efficient and effective software development without loosing the system operation and maintenance out of sight. Otherwise a "successful" project will cause later high efforts in system operation and maintenance. An apparently successful project will turn into a money pit. Statistics on subsequent architecutre and design corrections because of cost pressure in operation, failed projects and last but not least non-delivered features and reneging on project's promisses prove this blindness, not to focus on the whole life-cycle of a IT solution.

Unfortunately a holistic approach to the whole life-cycle of an software solution is often not present in software engineering regardless of classical or agile processes. In most approaches software engineering ends with user acceptance tests or at the latest with the rollout. Oliver Müller in contrast implements projects with a holistic view on the whole life-cycle of a software product. A solutions hasn't to be developed only but it needs to be operated cost-effective. System operating and maintenance last in most cases significantly longer than development. Last but not least of this holistic approach Oliver Müller is a highly requested expert in project consolidation and crisis management.

Multiple Specialist

Oliver Müller with his broad view on technology, cost-effectiveness and holistic approaches is a specialist as well as a all-rounder. He has expert knowledge in several subjects and so can keep track of complex environments and problem domains. Besides this know-how of branches such as banks, assurances and publishing companies, he has extended his knowledge in technology and IT as well as in management and processes.

Alike his project history got long over the years his experience and his know-how has grown and became deeper. Internet sites and CVs can reflects this only inadaquate. So Oliver Müller is looking forward to hearing from you. It's the easiest way to get to know how Oliver Müller can support you in your project.

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In IT projects Oliver Müller charges on time and material basis. The fee depends on several factors like location, position in project and contract period. The hourly or daily rate for your project you will get always from Oliver Müller directly. Even if there are several head hunters and agencies oblige the freelancers to declare a hourly rate this will be only a estimation. Ask always Oliver Müller directly for a offer, please.

Pricings for missions in the field of IT security such as penetration testing or computer forensic follow the same rules as engagements in IT projects.

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