Offer of Services

Oliver Müller supports you in the following fields:

Software Engineering and IT Architecture

  • Consulting regarding software engineering
  • Software development
  • Software and system architecture
  • Consulting regarding offshoring and nearshoring
  • Procurement and integration of nearshoring resources.
  • Development and consolidation of processes in software engineering

Problem Determination

  • Error and performance analysis in complex environments; this includes besides others:
    • core dump analysis
    • java heap dump analysis
    • analysis of traces, e.g. CICS traces
    • TCPDUMP and Wireshark analysis
  • Optimization of software and system architecture with focus on their performant and secure interaction
  • Code review
  • Architecture review
  • Reverse engineering


  • Leading and management of IT projects
  • Consolidating of IT projects
  • Crisis management in IT projects
  • Rollout of IT solutions
  • Management of IT infrastructure
  • Interims management

IT Specialist

  • Specialist for IBM WebSphere
  • Specialist for Java EE
  • Specialist for Unix and Linux
  • Specialist for integration, migration and rehosting of legacy systems
  • Spezialist for IT security and cryptography


  • Off-site training courses and lectures
  • In-house/on-site training courses
  • Coaching
  • Further information can be found here

IT Security

  • Security review
  • Penetration testing
  • Computer forensics

IT Journalism

  • Writing of articles and textbooks
  • Editing of articles and textbooks
  • Development and realisation of special issues and periodical publishes magazines

Mathematics and Cryptography

  • Cryptography Engineering
  • Implementation of common standards, e.g. AES, RSA
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • Security review of implementations of cryptographic algorithms and programs
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