Dates for German mainframe courses in 2013 commited

2012-09-08: Some dates for the next mainframe training courses regarding MVS/380, z/OS and z/Linux are commited.

Also in 2013 Oliver Müller will offer several training courses about IBM mainframe operating systems in Munich and Essen.

The courses about the classical mainframe world (System z) have their focus on z/OS. Parallel to access to a real mainframe system an emulated training systems based upon open-source software and MVS/380 will be provided. With this emulator the course participant can improve their skills and the know-how about mainframe systems after the course even if she or he has no access to a real mainframe.

The courses about Linux on System z basing upon the open-source emulator Hercules/390 which provides a full System z environment on Linux, Unix or Windows.

All until now commited courses will be given in German language only but it is planned to offer the z/OS based courses in Essen in 2013 in English, too.

You will find the dates for German courses on the German site of Oliver Müller at Schulungen / Vorträge. English information about trainings offered by Oliver Müller you fill find at this site at Training courses and lectures.