Article about Migrating Mainframe Applications to TXSeries on Linux has been Published

2016-06-26: Article about migrating CICS applications to Linux with TXSeries has been published by German IT magazine iX.

The article covers development and operating of CICS applications on Linux written in COBOL, C/C++ and PL/I. By using TXSeries is it possible to run mainframe application on the inexpensive x86 platform on Linux.

On the one hand this makes a complete migration of CICS applications from the mainframe running z/OS or z/VSE to Linux on x86 systems possible. On the other hand Linux can be used as an inexpensive development platform targeting CICS on the mainframe.

The article doesn't provide a theoretical view only. Showing practical examples from projects of Oliver Müller it covers what you have to take into account, what you can expect and what is possible in general with TXSeries on Linux.

The article has been published by the renowned German IT magazine iX. The editorial office treated the articles being worth advertised on the cover of the magazine.

Müller, Oliver:
Auf zu den Pinguinen – Mainframe-Programme mit TXSeries auf Linux betreiben.
iX 6/2016, pages 88 - 93