Series about SSL/TLS programming with Boost.Asio has started

2016-01-26: Series about SSL/TLS network programming in C++ with Boost.Asio has started at heise Developer.


Today the first article of a series about SSL/TLS network programming in C++ with Boost.Asio has been published by the German online magazine "heise Developer". This series introduces into Boost.Asio programming by a practical client server example.

This series ties in with a series of articles about OpenSSL programming which was published in 2010. The original sample programs are implemented anew in this series which started today. With Boost.Asio these samples are implemented platform-independent and portable. The old samples were portable as well but only within the POSIX and UNIX world. The new series shows how Boost.Asio can reach much more platforms with less complex code.

Besides the limits of portabilities, which the series also covers, the series also covers the programming of servers and clients as well as real-world error handling. The first, today published article outlines the architecture and functionality of Boost.Asio.

Müller, Oliver:
Auftrieb - SSL/TLS-Netzwerkprogrammierung mit Boost.Asio, Teil 1: Grundlagen
heise Developer am 26.01.2016