Article about mainframe modernization published in iX 7/2015

2015-06-25: Article "Maskerade" about mainframe modernization with Rumba+ has been published by German magazine iX 7/2015 today.

The articles shows how legacy applications (green screens) on the mainframe system z running z/OS and the midrage system i running IBM i (formerly known as AS/400) can be modernized. Micro Focus Rumba+ adds a modern user interface to the green screens. The source code of the old application does not need to be touched to do so.

Introduction of the German article:

"Bei vielen Firmen sind die Terminal-Anwendungen der Großrechner unabdingbar. Deren Benutzeroberflächen in grüner Schrift auf schwarzen Grund will Micro Focus mit Rumba und Rumba+ ein attraktives, zeitgemäßes Outfit verschaffen."

Müller, Oliver:
Maskerade - Mainframe modernisieren mit Rumba und Rumba+.
iX 7/2015; pages 65 - 69.